Styled Shoot Info Form

In addition to submitting a completed Sponsor/Partner Request Form, please complete and submit the Styled Shoot Info Form below.

Please note that certain vendor partners may wear many hats within one styled shoot so please include their info in each field that is applicable to their multiple roles.

  • Completing this form will be a work in progress so please update us as soon as information is received.
  • Please keep in mind that we’re more likely to consider participating, and in what capacity, with the more information we know up front.
  • We request that all info is submitted no later than 30 days prior to the shoot date.
  • After rentals are determined, a rental order contract for signing and submitting is to follow.
  • Our own schedule, the date, start/end times if known, venue location, and the need for our delivery services: all of the above will determine if we are available and in what capacity we may assist you. If we are unable to accommodate delivery and on-site assistance, will-call is available by appointment at our warehouse.